Predatory Journals & Publishers


The number of dubious journals (predatory journals) has skyrocketed in recent years. Common strategies are:

  • High publication fees providing no or insufficient services for scientific and editorial quality assessment
  • General lack of transparency regarding quality control, fees, copyright
  • Members of the editorial board do not exist, or the names of well-known researchers are used without their knowledge
  • Imitation of names and designs of renowned journals
  • Use of counterfeit impact factors
  • Sending spam emails in which an implausibly fast publication is promised, although an elaborate peer review is said to be carried out

Publication in a predatory journal endangers the reputation and credibility of researchers and their institutions.

Try to answer the following questions:

Do you or your colleagues know this journal?

Have you ever read articles in this journal?
Are the latest publications easy to find?

Can you easily identify and contact the publisher?

Is the publisher's name clearly displayed on the journal's website?
Can you contact the publisher by phone, e-mail and post?

Does the journal clearly state what kind of peer review it is using?

  • Single Blind: The reviewers know the names of the authors. However, the authors do not know the names of the reviewers.
  • Double Blind: In this kind of review process neither the authors nor the reviewers know who the others are.
  • Triple Blind: Not only authors and reviewers are unknown to each other. The editors also do not know the names of the authors.

Is it clear what the fees will be?

Does the journal page explain what these fees are for and when they apply?

Do you recognize the editorial team?

Have you heard of the members of the editorial committee?

Does the editorial staff mention the magazine on their own websites?

Is the journal listed in the DOAJ?

Directory of Open Access Journals. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and gives access to high-quality, freely accessible and peer-reviewed journals.