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Data Management

Proper data management is a prerequisite for the effective sharing and publishing of data and in turn increases the visibility of scientific results and the citation rate.

Data management Infosite of UZH

Data management Infosite of ETH

Checklist 'Data management' ETH

Examples of data management plans and guidance

RefHunter offers students, researchers and other persons from the health disciplines assistance in researching specialist databases. It is aimed at people who already have basic research knowledge.

How do I search in social media?

Interesting and helpful  blog of the Innovation@ETH Library


In which journal should I publish my article?

help under thinkchecksubmit

Who covers the costs of publishing?

This is handled differently and must be clarified separately for each journal. Possible assistance can be found under Memberships for publishing in Open Access journals.

How do I identify predatory publishers?

1. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - a white list of reviewed OA journals
2. Jeffrey Beall's List of predatory publishers has been controversial for a long time and is unfortunately no longer updated, but it is still helpful as a reference for intransparent business practices of publishers.
3. There are also many useful testimonials on the net. For example To Catch A Predatory Publisher | PLOS SciComm

How do I create an e-book?

Wiki This Wiki (German) is a hypertextual collection of various topic-relevant information. It is constantly supplemented, expanded and updated. Here you will find information about authoring systems, e-book reader applications, practical examples as well as tips and tricks. Various templates are also available for UZH members.

How can I use social media for my research etc.?

Wiki (German): Using social media as a place of publishing and exchange for students and researchers

Scientific research and writing

Help... how to proceed?

OLwA: online guidelines for academic research and writing

Writing for publication in Veterinary Medicine - Supporting tool made by Wiley - Practical guide