Congress Publications

3R (Recontres.Recherches, Ruminants), in French (1994 -)
AASV Annual Meeting American Association of Swine Veterinarians (1999 - 2014) ask the librarian for the password
AAZK American Association of Zoo Keepers (2013 -) ask a librarian for the password
ARAV Proceedings Archive Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians

(1994 -) ask a librarian for the password

Australasian Dairy Science Symposium (2010 -)
Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures (1981 -)
Conference Proceedings Citation Index CPCI
(1990 -) UZH licensed
ESVD-ECVD (European Society of Veterinary Dermatology an European College of Veterinary Society) Congress Abstracts Archive (2002 -)

EVDF European Veterinary Dental Society: European Veterinary Dental Forum - European Congress of Veterinary Dentistry

(2009 -)
ISVEE (International Symposia on Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics) (1976 -)
IVIS (international Veterinary Information Service)
Conference proceedings of these organisations: AAAA, AAEP (also in Wiley online library), AAFP, AAVA, AAVPT, ABCD, ABMG, ACVIM, ACVP & ASVCP, ACVR, AETE, AHS, AITVM, AVEF, BEPS, BEVA, BMC, BVNA, Camelid Reproduction, Canine Cancer Conference, CEEV, EAVDI, EAZWV, ECVECCS, ECVS, EENHC, ESVOT, European Veterinary Conference, EVSSAR, EZNC, Geneva Congress of Equine Medicine and Surgery, Havemeyer Fondation, Hill's Symposia, IAMS, IAP, ICAHIS, ICAR, International Congress on Yak, ICEEP, IPVS, ISCFR, ISER, ISOCARD, Lameness in Ruminants Symposium, LAVC, LAVECCS, NAVC, NECAD, SCIVAC, SEVC, SFT, SISVET, SIVE, Western Dairy Management Conferences, WBC, WEAS, WEVA, WSAVA, WVDC
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New Zealand Society of Animal Production (NZSAP) Proceedings (1941 -)
Nordic Committee for Veterinary Scientific Cooperation (NKVet)
Symposium Proceedings
(1999 -)
North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum Abstracts Archive (2001 -)
Swine Information Library: AASV Annual Meeting (1999 -), Pre-Conference Seminars 
(2007 -), Allen D. Leman Swine Conference (1998 -), George A. Young Swine Health and Management Conference (1999 -), International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (2000 -), International Symposium on Swine Disease Eradication (2001-2002, 2004), ISU Swine Disease Conference for Swine Practitioners (1999 -)
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Therio Conference Proceedings
in: Clinical Theriogenology (four publications annually with one devoted entirely to the proceedings)
(2002 -) ask a librarian for the password

UFAW Animal Welfare : Veterinary and Animal Ethics : Proceedings of the First
International Conference on Veterinary and Animal Ethics

(2011) UZH licensed
WCVD World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology (2000 -)
WDA Conference Proceedings Wildlife Disease Association (1996 -) without newest 2 years
WSAVA Proceedings World Small Animal Veterinary Association (2007-)