Literature databases

main databases for veterinary medicine:  
ScopusLargest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature (incl. conference proceedings) UZH licensed
Web of Science Citation database. Includes e.g.: citation indexes, BIOSIS Previews, Medline, Zoological Record, Derwent Innovations Index (patents) as well as tools for bibliometric analysis:Journal Citation Reports, Essential Science Indicators UZH licensed
PubMed/MEDLINE open access
VetSearch of TiHo Hannover: combined literature research in one step: MEDLINE, CAB Abstracts, Web of Science, Agris, Base, local catalogue and more use Link "VetSearch" on the website of TiHo Hannover


more databases:

Animal Health and Production Compendium CABI database UZH licensed

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
Second largest search engine after Google Scholar (>100 million documents), incl. open access publications of 4200 repositories of scientific institutions

open access
BestBETs for Vets Database supporting veterinary clinicians in making evidence-based decisions open access
Drug and poison information system for veterinarians
open access
Homeopathicvet open access
Inorganic Crystal Structure Database with full structural data,  bibliographic data and full structure descriptions. UZH licensed
ProQuest Dissertations and theses fulltext: to be purchased
ProQuest Dialog Search service specially designed for professional research UZH licensed
Swiss Feed Database information on over 600 raw materials and roughages available in Switzerland open access/password (ask the librarian)
Swiss Wildlife Information Service (SWIS) open access
VetBact Information about important bacteria (222 species) open access
VetSRev Database of veterinary systematic reviews open access
WAHIS World Animal Health Information System (by OIE World Organisation for Animal Health) open access
Wildlife Data Integration Network wdin
one-stop resource to wildlife health information
Wildpro encyclopaedia and library for wildlife professionals open access