Rules and regulations governing the use of the Library of the Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich

1. Library

  • The library of the Vetsuisse faculty in Zurich is a public university library for veterinary medicine and provides information services for research and teaching.


2. Opening hours and access

The library is open from Monday to Friday 08.00 - 20.00 h.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
On Monday and Tuesday 08.00 – 16.30 h,  and from Wednesday to Friday 09.00 - 13.30 h the librarians are available for advice, information and lending.

Group work rooms are available for students who want to work on weekends. The keys can be requested from the librarians upon presentation of an identification card. Members of the faculty and students who use the library on weekends or evenings are personally liable for any damages and losses.

3. Registration

All members of the University and ETH Zurich are entitled to use the library. Natural persons 16 years of age and older are also eligible to register. Public and private institutions can be registered as collective users. By entering or making use of the library, users accept the terms of these library regulations.

4. Library card

Registration is required to obtain a library card which allows borrowing and using online services. The card is issued free of charge by the library after verification of an official and valid identification card. The UZH Card for students and employees of the UZH is valid as a user card. Registration may be carried out online. User cards valid in the NEBIS, IDS and BibliOpass network are accepted. The personal data (last name, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, matriculation/personnel numbers, user group) can be used by all libraries of the NEBIS network if required. The cantonal data protection regulations apply.

Name and address changes or loss of the card must be reported to the library immediately. A replacement library card will be issued for a fee.

5. Use of the library

There are three types of study areas available to users:
1. reading places for individual and group work
2. group workrooms
3. computer workstations with connection possibilities for personal notebooks, WLAN

All the workplaces/study areas must be completely cleared on leaving the library in the evening.

For safety reasons, drinks are only allowed in reclosable beverage bottles. The consumation of food is prohibited.

In the whole library it is not allowed to lay down.

The library books from the shelves are open to the public. After use or in the evening they have to be returned to their correct place on the shelf or borrowed.

Dog owners must keep their dog on a leash at any time of day.

Quiet must be maintained in the library. The use of mobile phones is not permitted.

Internal calls via pager must be answered from outside the library.
Copying or printing of documents is possible via UZH Print Plus system.

6. Internet use

The use of the internet is reserved for the purpose of teaching, studying and scholarly work. Users are obliged to use the internet in a legally correct manner. Reference is made to the facts dealt with in the Swiss Criminal Code (including art. 143, unauthorized data collection, art. 143bis unauthorized intrusion into a data processing system, art. 144 damage to property, art. 144bis data damage, art. 197 pornography). The PC workstations are set up for the use of electronic information resources. Installation and use of other applications (games, private programs etc.) by the users is not allowed.

7. Lending/Borrowing

Borrowing is free of charge if the user picks up his items in the library. for delivery by post a fee is charged. Non-circulating books - marked by a red signature sticker - and all journals may only be used in the library.

In the standard case, the first lending period is 14 days. If no reservation has been made, the lending period will be extended automatically twice, for 14 days each time. After the second automatic prolongation a recall is sent (no charge).  The lending period can be extended three more times for 14 days each via the online user account. After the maximum lending period (82 days) has elapsed the document will be recalled. As soon as a reservation is placed by another user, prolongation is not possible anymore. The timely return must also be ensured in the event of absence, i. e. stay abroad, holidays, illness, etc. 14 days after the reminder is sent free of charge, the first chargeable reminder letter will follow. Email and postal address changes must be reported immediately, because non-deliverable reminders keep their validity.

8. Liability

Media, equipment and furnishings must be handled with care. In the event of damage or loss, the library can demand all costs and expenses caused by the user for their repair. Users bear full responsiblility for every item used or borrowed. Notes or marks made in media are considered damage. The librarians must be notified of any existing damage or missing enclosures. Lost or damaged documents will be replaced at the user's expense. In addition, repair, replacement and handling fees will be charged.

The library is not liable for personal effects brought into the library by users. The library waives all liability for any consequences of the use of information, data, and information storage devices. All borrowing of library media and the making, sending and use of article copies are subject to copyright law.

9. Fees

The library's fees and costs for special services are published on the website

10. Suspensions

Persons severely or repeatedly infringing the regulations, not following instructions, or otherwise adopting behavior that makes the continuation of the user relationship untenable, may be suspended from using the library and the services, either partially or completely, on a limited or an indefinite basis, by the Management of the Library of the Vetsuisse Faculty.

Violations by members of UZH may result in prosecution, in accordance with standard UZH rules and regulations.

11. Complaints and appeals

Complaints must be addressed to the library director in charge. The dean is responsible for appeals against decisions of the library management.


[Signed on 30 March 2017 by: Prof. Brigitte von Rechenberg, Dean of the Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich and Prof. Hanspeter Nägeli, Head of the library]

Original document (in German) (PDF, 165 KB)

[This is a translation of the original document in German. The translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal bearing. Only the German document is legally binding.]