Borrowing Books

Authorized Users

  • Minimum age 16
  • Residence or place of study in Switzerland, or members of an institution belonging to the Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule higher education network.

A valid library card is required for borrowing media.

Library Card

Valid library cards are:

  • NEBIS library cards
  • IDS library cards

The following items can be extended to library cards through registering:

  • UZH Card
  • Careum Training Center ID
  • BibliOpass library cards

If you are not sure whether your card is valid, please contact the library staff.
If you do not have a library card you can register with us.
If you have lost your library card, please ask the library staff for a replacement (free of charge).

User Account

Your library card is linked to youruser account.

In the user account you can:

  • manage your address, email, and password
  • view your borrowed media, orders, and charges
  • extend loan periods for media

Forgotten password? Contact us for a reset. Then modify the new password in your user account if you want.

UZH short name/passwords are not related to your libraryr user account, and must be managed in the Identity Manager.


If you don't yet have a library card you can register online or in the library during staff hours. Your online registration can be activated in our library or at the desk of aNEBIS member library. For your registration to be activated, you must have a personal ID.

You can borrow material as soon as your card has been activated.


What? How?
media with white call numbers pick it off the shelf and borrow it:
- at the self checkout or via the
- library staff (staff hours) or
- fill in the loan form (on the counter)
archive holdings order first, ready for pick up after 1 working day
holdings of institute libraries order first, ready for pick up after 1 working day
media out on loan can be reserved directly in the online catalogue.  A notification will be sent as soon as the reserved material is available and ready for pick up
media with RED call numbers non-circulating
print issues of journals non-circulating

Max. number of loans: 20

Loan Periods

general loan period 14 days
1st and 2nd renewal: automatic 14 days each time
3rd to 5th renewal via your user account 14 days each time

Once the loan period has elapsed, a reminder (no charge) with the request that you renew or return the material will be sent.

You can only renew if no one else has reserved the material and you have not yet reached the 84-days maximum loan period. If renewal is not possible, you must return the material.

Once the loan period has elapsed, the material is automatically deemed to be overdue, and the reminder process will be activated. After a recall, the first reminder and subsequent reminders (a maximum of three in total) will be sent at intervals of least one week. The third reminder will be sent by registered mail.

Undeliverable, not received or not read reminders/recalls (sent by post or e-mail) or reminder letters will not be accepted as grounds for late returns and will in no case result in waiver of the reminder fee charged. Users are personally responsible for regularly checking their user account in the search portal or Web-OPAC.

Ordering for Delivery to Another Pick-Up Point

The following services are available (subject to a charge):


Where to?

Media from the library By mail to your home address
Material from any external library (Interlibrary Loan) To the lending desk of the library or by mail to your home address


Material out on loan can be reserved. You will be notified by email as soon as the reserved material is ready for pick-up.
It is not possible to make a reservation for a specific date or time.

Returning Borrowed Material

Material borrowed from the Library of the Vetsuisse Faculty can be placed into the return box in the library. A second return box is located in the mailroom (TFA 01.40).

Returns by mail are possible.

The Vetsuisse Library will not take back material borrowed from other libraries.

If you lose any borrowed material you must notify the library immediately. You will be charged the actual costs of acquisition and a processing fee of CHF 50, plus any existing reminder fees.


Borrowing material from the Vetsuisse Library's holdings is basically free of charge. In certain cases, for example if material is returned late, specific fees will be charged:

Reminder/recall free of charge
1st overdue notice CHF 10.- per item
2nd overdue notice CHF 20.- per item
3rd overdue notice CHF 35.- per item

Fees must be paid in cash at the information/lending desk or put into the white letterbox outside the library entrance. Non-paid fees will be invoiced.

Undeliverable/not received reminders and overdue notices (sent by email or mail) are not accepted as a valid reason for late returns. Users are personally responsible for adhering to the lending terms by checking their user account in the Rechercheportal.