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Subject-specific tasks veterinary medicine

The library of the Vetsuisse Faculty (VSF) provides the members of the Vetsuisse Faculty, the University Animal Hospital and the University of Zurich with electronic and printed media.

Due to the proximity to the teaching and research of veterinary medicine and related fields, the subject-specific reference and the mirroring of the current focus in teaching and research are ensured.

The library team sees itself as embedded librarians or so called liason librarians. There is a close exchange with the faculty, researchers, scientists, students and the clinicians of the University Animal Hospital. The library team is actively involved by providing support in information literacy (research techniques) and the publication process, and entering data into ZORA Open Access (editor rights).

Core mission: Public University Library

The Library of the VSF is the library of the University of Zurich for veterinary medicine.
It is in charge of the various institute libraries and the special collections within the Vetsuisse Faculty
It is an archiving library of Veterinary Medicine within the KPA project (Cooperative Print Archiving) of the KUB (Conference of Swiss University Libraries).


The Library of the VSF tries to coordinate the collection mandate veterinary medicine with the main library HBZ, the central library ZB Zurich, the ETH library and other Swiss university libraries.

The Library of the Vetsuisse Faculty is in close cooperation with

HBZ main library of UZH
SLSP Swiss Library Service Platform
ZORA ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive)